Tuesday, 23 June 2009


I'm pretty much going out on a limb with this one but fuck it. What in the name of retarded Jesus is the fucking big deal about Twitter?
All the techno spazzes in our office are obsessed with it. Twatting this, retwatting that, sitting on your twat deck, twatterating. If I want to tell everyone when I have just taken a shit I generally announce it as I walk back in the office doing up my zipper. But telling strangers who slavishly follow your inane shat? Fuck that.
Twatter is the status update off Facebook you fucking moron sheep. It's not cool, it's not a new form of media. It's a pretentious wank machine for boring people with nothing to say.
Our newspaper's Twatter page (not set up by me I hasten to add) has 120 Twatters following it. We have a readership of more than 132,000 on one of our titles alone.
Fuck Twatter.
We saw a slight flurry of Twatter related stories in the press but nothing compared to the massive flood of Facebook, eBay and Friends Reunited stories. That is how much of a non event it is.
Twatter doesn't even have a picture function.
Even my mobile has that and my mobile is shit.

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