Monday, 22 June 2009

Epsiode IV..............Public relations

There is a reason they call PR the Dark Side. Like Luke Skywalker was told by Yoda, the Dark Side is quick and tempting and easy.
And so is PR. Think about it. You are a trainee journalist on 14-16k a year. Your boss is screaming at you to tie up the story about a local crime/council dispute/health debacle and all you are waiting for is the 30k a year police/council/NHS fuckwit's quote. Basically you fucking hate them all.
However, you soon realise that said fuckwit's job is a piece of piss and so next time one of the retards climbs up the greasy pole you apply for their job.
The money is good and the job is easy.
This is the Dark Side.
Before long you become the same jobsworthy/pedantic/corporate shit-eating mother fucker you despised in those few short months you encountered them on the other side of the fence.
In the whole of my career, I have met two or three decent press officers who understood not only their own job, but the job of those people they serviced.
The rest are power crazy, bull shit artists who, not only convince themselves they were once great journalists, but now are wannabe media manipulators of the highest order. Forget the fact they work for Flangeshire Borough Council or Bellend Police Service.
The worst of their breed still claim to be hacks....always making the excuses or apologising for why they are bull shitting you. A few of them even throw a few titbits out to make you their friend. But ultimately they are all dogs. Lying for their masters because they decided to take the easy way out.
The only easy way out for these soul-sucking arse holes is the business end of a shot gun.

PS Yoda also said a lot of shit about fear and anger being the path to the Dark Side but he WAS a fucking muppet, so fuck him!

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  1. I'm actually pretty much with you on this one.