Monday, 20 April 2009

You can't swot a fly with a laptop

Been away a while not really sure what to write, upset that anger has clouded my judgement. But the title of this blog sums up my point. Newspapers are a great format, almost perfect in what they do.
Deliver information, opinion, analysis in a concise easy to manage way (maybe not broadsheet for the inexperienced),
Let's look at the evidence -
Accessible - on sale practically everywhere with no need for readers, laptops, phones, or other specialist equipment which in every case costs a significant amount to get hold of.
Marketable - It has everything from news to horoscopes, crosswords to recipes, columns to sport, business to cartoons and more. Consider a decent Sunday most of the time you are reading bits in the week because you didn't have time on Sunday. That is one hell of a package.
Hidden extras - When you search online you generally know what you are looking for. Admittedy you can trail off but most of the time you are online for a reason. Newspapers give you random knowledge. Stuff you didn't think was interesting but packaged attractively enough you wanted to read on.
Bug proof - It's aready written. It is in your hands. What can go wrong. No slow connections. No crashing while loading a picture. Jump from page to page as quickly as your hands will turn regardless of connection speed. Watch out for rain.
Practical - Pass on an article you wanted your mate to read. Online you woud email it to a friend. Newspaper you just simply tear the bugger out and hand it over. Similarly that recipe or the address for a good restaurant or clothes shop. A voucher for money off. A good headline you want to nail to a colleagues desk. No need to check an email account or print something out.
Have you ever taken a laptop to the toilet; wrapped up your plates and glasses while moving with a computer; shredded one for cat litter, washed your windows with a Dell; done a crossword or Sudoku on a lap top; drawn horns on a disliked celebrity; rolled it up and whacked a friend or enemy???
Don't discount print for online until we have truly weighed up why we want to see this format die and tell me it has anything other than to do with cost.