Thursday, 18 June 2009


My best reporter told me he was leaving today. He is psychologically flawed in the extreme but, damn, he is a great reporter. Give him a tip off and a brief and within deadline comes back a perfectly written tale. He makes his own contacts, goes to meetings on his own volition and has a real understanding of what I need when the shite inevitably hits the fan.
I have to admit a sense of sadness, but he has outgrown our paper and needs new challenges. I wish him the very best.
But with his departure comes a sense of new adventure. I get to replace him with a fresh soul.
It may be an internal appointment within our very own news hub or from our vast media organisation but undoubtedly I will get a large number of candidates when we advertise.
I favour the internal choice. Firstly they will now what they are doing but more importantly they will already have been witness to my rage.
I am excited by an external candidate, however. New blood on our desk. New lives, new friends, new experiences. More important a sense of hope in our industry which has been blighted by so many cuts.
Just a few months ago thinking of replacing a departing colleague was unheard of, now it is a reality (not that they have much choice seeing how tight things are here).
I, personally, can't wait to see what happens.


  1. So if it was between a strong external candidate and one of your internals - that would be an easy decision for you then? You've missed the 'K' off now.

  2. Technically, I have left the K off know because as you already know now does not have a K otherwise it would already be know and you wouldn't have had to have proved yourself to be a pedant now. You know?

  3. ps who knows what choices will be easy or hard until they have to be made.