Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Positive shizzle

I consider myself a hard-nosed journalist, adept at shrugging off the nastiest shit life can throw at me (or at least I think I can). I laugh in the face of horror and cock-a-snook at death and its myriad of guises. But just recently I have become bored of the dead and want something a little more uplifting. Whether it's all the bullshit recession news or just too much grimness.
So today I am pleased to say we ran a very upbeat story on our front page.
A positive, nobody-died-everyone-lived sort of story. Not to say it was a load of shit either. It was genuinely a great scoop, a credit to my reporter for getting it. It doesn't mean to say I am turning into some kind of positive news bore, but after the year of hideous shit we have had to report on it's nice to have a front page you know people will get a lift from.

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