Saturday, 7 March 2009


Loyalty- It's a funny term when used with newspapers. This situation with newspaper companies treating their often exceptionally , hardworking staff with little more than disdain is not new. For years the journalists drive to bring out quality newspapers has been exploited by the management idiots who run the papers into the ground through cutting staff, removing perks and slashing budgets to save a few quid in the short term.
These mongs - and I use this word with great venom - have not the first clue how to run a newspaper. Indeed, I doubt one of them could actually tell you how important the role of a local newspaper is within a community.
So I have this attitude. Fuck them and their company cars. Fuck them and their efficiency drives. Fuck them and their bloated wage packets. Fuck them and their memos, edicts, orders and ideas. They are all shit-eating mother fuckers and don't deserve your respect let alone your loyalty.
I work for the newspaper I bring out. The masthead, not the management. My loyalty is to my team of reporters, the photographers and subs, my colleagues working on other titles alongside me. My loyalty extends to the door to the newsroom. Anybody outside of that space deserves nothing more than contempt.
If everyone in the other departments worked as hard or took as much pride in their own jobs, as I know our band of hacks do, newspapers would not be in the state they are in.
Give loyalty in those you know are looking out for you, have pride in what they do, and fuck the rest of 'em.

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