Friday, 27 February 2009

Why journalism

Many of my gang come into work like someone's shit in their cereals.
So they earn bad money, they work long hours, they are the lowest profession on the food chain (debatably drawn between estate agents, politicians and now wonderfully bankers) but, shit, it's a fucking great job.

Why journalism. It's simple, it's the only honest, dishonest job in the world. It's the only job you can still make your own.

Wannabe a scumbag? Writing for the nationals is good. Fancy an ethical do-good life? Write for a local paper. Want to write sniping, nasty articles about people you are never likely to meet? Celebrity feature writing works for you. Parasitical tendencies? Death knocks are the drug of choice. Standing up for the little man? Get involved in community reporting. Like watching footy. Sport (not a real job tbh)

Journalism. It's a great life!
Cheer the fuck up!

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