Friday, 27 February 2009


I have been meaning to write this blog for some time.
Me, I am a jobbing hack, front line news man, boss and bitch and bully for some 20 years. I have worked on locals, regional dailies, nationals, agencies and for myself.
No ages (below 40) no names (call me Blunt) no pack drill (UK based).
Now I am back on the locals - a medium I have always had great respect for. The true coal face of truth, the place where nationals come for their tales.
I won't name the paper but we have a newsy patch and we cover many stories the nationals chase.
We have competition as well - another two papers in fact - something unheard of in many areas.
I have a great, committed staff of both juniors and experienced reporters. We work hard, we believe truly in what we do and the responsibility and powers we hold. I love my job but things ain't right in the world of news.
I want to use this blog to vent my spleen, to become my online therapist, my new best friend. A cathartic mix of bile, venom and hate. A written rant of disjointed drivel.
Just exactly the sort of great traditions the hack's night out were based on.
I hope you find something worth reading in here.
If you don't - fuck ya.

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