Monday, 29 June 2009

Why I love Ray Tindle

I've never worked for Ray Tindle, nor on any of his titles. I have never met the man or even read one of his papers.
So why do I love him (apart from his Werthers Originals grandad-like looks)?
I love his attitude.
He clearly has a massive love of print newspapers and believes in local papers. He set up the whole thing after the war and has worked and, more importantly, survived and thrived.
He doesn't strike me - and I could be utterly wrong, so apologies - as someone driven solely by profit.
His most recent statement about the recession made me want to cuddle him. He basically said that when this recession is over he will still be standing albeit in a different market. He has seen recessions before and he, and newspapers in general, have come out of them.
Just read this statement from the Tindle chief exec -
“I am sure we could have saved money across the group by having centralised subbing, editorial or whatever, but we’ve kept each title very local with local editors and subs and reporters as much as possible. They know most about the community they serve.”
Now compare this attitude to our, and other, much bigger players in this industry who are so convinced we are doomed they currently are hacking and slashing their way out of business. They are so blinkered they STILL - after all these years of cuts - can't see what is going wrong.
Well let them reap the whirlwind. Let them fall flat on their arses. Many have warned them of the long term effect of their systematic genocide of journalism, but the short term arse-holes who are in control of our livelihoods think they know best. After all who needs news in a newspaper?
Let us hope it is someone with the vision and drive, love and passion of this 82-yearold that ends up buying my title when the twunterated cuntoids who own us inevitably go bust.

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